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Steven G. Farber has been AV rated for more that 35 years. He is listed in the Martindale-Hubbell Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers™ for personal injury, white collar crime, and criminal law. His trial and appellate practice has included a successful oral argument and briefing before the United States Supreme Court. He has been a sole practitioner since 1978, with a substantial personal injury, serious accident, wrongful death, white collar crime and criminal defense, and civil rights emphasis.

Steven Farber’s personal and focused legal representation is appreciated by clients. Each of the clients he agrees to represent is afforded his personal attention and sensitivity to their individual needs in wrongful death, personal injury, accident, injury, civil rights, criminal white collar, criminal defense, drug offense, professional license defense, and employment cases.

Some lawyers and their websites just try to dazzle and entice attention of consumers through glitz and professional marketing approaches.  Steven Farber believes that information and detail is important. He feels that an informed consumer of legal services is a wise consumer of legal services. And, he has created this website because he believes that potential clients are better served by detailed background that is presented here rather than just fancy graphics and broad claims of results achieved in other cases.  Each case is different. And each case requires a different approach directed to the particular facts and legal issues of the case.  As a sole practitioner, Mr. Farber is very selective about the cases he chooses to accept because of the attention and time he provides to the clients he accepts.

In the wrongful death, personal injury, accident, injury, civil rights and employment cases, that he accepts, Steven Farber vigorously pursues compensation for the full amount of the harm suffered. He is prepared for both the settlement and trial process. He is dedicated to meeting the needs of his clients and to being personally available to discuss their concerns. The legal system is complex. Insurance companies, governmental agencies and officials, and defendants are most often resistant to offering compensation that is full, fair, and reasonable. Steven Farber pursues these claims with vigor to obtain full compensation for his clients for the full amount of the harm suffered.

In the personal injury, accident, wrongful death and malpractice cases that Steven Farber accepts he often offers contingent fee arrangements where his fee for professional services is paid only on recovery [costs are additional].

In appropriate cases he may associate with professional colleagues in a manner consistent with the Code of Professional Conduct for lawyers.

In the white collar crime, drug offense and criminal cases that Steven Farber accepts, he vigorously and carefully protects and defends the rights of the accused. He understands that being the subject of an accusation is very alarming and upsetting. He provides personal attention to his clients. He pays close attention to the pre-charging and investigative stages of a case and to the hearing, trial and mitigation process. Steven Farber understands that the fact of a public accusation can be devastating. He has developed successful techniques to minimize unwarranted prosecutorial charging decisions so that cases have been resolved without indictments being filed. Steven Farber guides his clients and their families through these difficult times.

Steven Farber represents professionals in disciplinary licensing and revocation matters with a keen awareness of the need for discrete and sensitive advocacy.  He understands the dedication and investment that is made for a professional career.  Regulatory boards can be arbitrary and unfair in their processes. Steven Farber represents the interests of professionals to achieve the best resolution under often difficult and challenging circumstances.  In these matters it is often essential to involve counsel at the earliest possible time because Board decisions are made that can have profound implications.

Steven Farber previously offered Employment Law consultations when he was available to do so during his busy law practice.  During these consultations he was able to provide guidance and assistance to aggrieved employees. The loss of a job and harassment and unfair treatment in the workplace are traumatic events. Steven Farber provided these consultations on a paid hourly basis. He offered the aggrieved employee guidance and advice  about how to best protect and defend in these often one sided situations. If further representation was desired then Steven Farber provided advice about how to proceed and give an estimate of the probable costs. Unfortunately, at the current time Mr. Farber is not able to offer employment law and employment discrimination consultations, except under extraordinary circumstances, due to his changing and differing priorities.

Steven Farber personally and successfully appeared before the United States Supreme Court and won a very important civil rights case. You can access the link to a transcript to read or hear the successful oral argument Steven Farber made before the United States Supreme Court in the case of Wilson v. Garcia.  [MP3 running time is 40 minutes].

Very few lawyers in the United States have ever had the opportunity to appear before – or make an argument to – the United States Supreme Court.  Fewer still have ever won a case in the United States Supreme Court.

Steven Farber is very proud of his significant accomplishment actually appearing before the United States Supreme Court and making a successful and winning oral argument to the United States Supreme Court.

Steven Farber has litigated against a number of the largest and most difficult law firms in New Mexico.  Steven Farber does not allow arrogance and the often uncaring nature of insurance companies and governmental entities deter him from seeking and pursing justice, compensation, and vindication for his clients.  His attention to detail, his hard work, and his dedication to his clients are deeply appreciated. Steven Farber has many years of experience and knowledge about the practice of law. and uses this for the benefit of his clients.  Steven Farber charges fees for his professional services that are commensurate with the breadth of his experience and qualifications.

In addition, Steven Farber maintains an active interest in bar and civic affairs. He was an elected City Councilor in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He was appointed to and served on the first City of Santa Fe Home Rule Charter Commission. He was also appointed to serve on the Santa Fe Home Rule Charter Review Commission in 2012.  He served as the Chair of the New Mexico Board of Legal Specialization and on the Board of Legal Specialization during the development of the Legal Specialization program offered in New Mexico. He has also served on the board of directors of many non-profit and civic organizations. He continues to provide pro bono legal assistance in selected matters.

Steven Farber understands that the selection of a lawyer to handle a tragic, troubling, complex and sensitive legal matter is confusing. This is a day and age of massive amounts of crass marketing and lawyer advertising. Consumers of legal services should be cautious and should carefully make their selection of a lawyer to handle their case or claim based upon realistic and helpful information. Steven Farber believes that consumers of legal services should not rely on the splash of a flashy webpage, TV commercials, billboards, mass mailings or solicitations, or large page telephone directory display advertising.  Steven Farber believes that the lawyer that you choose to represent you should be accessible, experienced, and capable.  He believes that your lawyer should be able to provide you with personal attention and should be a dedicated and effective advocate and representative for your cause.

Steven Farber understands that your legal issue or case is important.  He provides his skill, dedication, caring, and personal attention to all clients who he agrees to represent.  Contact the law office of Steven Farber by email to determine if he is available to provide assistance or offer representation.

In addition to giving focused and personalized attention to all his clients, Steven Farber believes that clients and consumers of legal services should have access to helpful reference materials, analysis, articles and useful information.

That is why in the Helpful Web Links portion of this website, Steven Farber has taken the time to compile information and reference sources. You will find links to various court-related websites, judicial opinions, governmental resources, legal research and bar association resources, medical information and medical reference sources, and newspapers and periodicals of interest.  This portion of the website is or will be in the process of being updated to correct broken links to articles and other materials.

These resource and reference materials contain very useful information about the legal system, current issues in the law, medical-legal matters, and useful medical information.

Steven Farber is particularly proud and honored that he has been AV rated by the Martindale-Hubbell lawyer peer review rating process for more than 35 years. Mr. Farber’s AV rating is the highest Martindale-Hubbell rating available.

Martindale-Hubbell is the facilitator of a peer-review-rating process. Ratings reflect the confidential opinions of members of the Bar and the Judiciary.  Martindale-Hubbell ratings fall into two categories — legal ability and general ethical standards.

Steven Farber is recognized in the The National Trial Lawyers – Top 100 Trial Lawyers – New Mexico (Civil and previously in Criminal as well until Mr. Farber did not renew that particular listing), and he is also listed in New Mexico – Top Rated Lawyers.

Steven Farber has been continuously included in Who’s Who in American Law. His biography has also been included in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World, the leading biographical reference publisher of the highest achievers and contributors from the country and around the world.

   Experienced in Accidents, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Medical  and Professional Malpractice, White Collar Crime, Criminal Law, Professional License Defense, Employment Law, Drug Offenses, Civil Rights, Trials & Appeals