Civic Action and Involvement:

Steven Farber Challenges the City of Santa Fe in a Lawsuit for Violating the Inspection of Public Records Act Because of its Delaying and Denying the Inspection of Public Records in Land Use and Rezoning Matter – Santa Fe County No. D-101-CV-2022-00931

Steven Farber Recognized for Predicting that a Full Time Strong Mayor Could Use Excessive Powers and Abuse the Position for Political Patronage Purposes in a Hiring City Manager and Other Positions

Steven Farber and Three Other Former City Councilors and File an Amicus Curiae to Support the Candlelight Neighborhood Association in its Seeking to Appeal the City of Santa Fe’s Decision to Allow the Overly Dense and Potentially Very Harmful Zia Station Project at St. Francis Dr. and Zia Rd.

Steven Farber Stated Strong opposition to Giving a Santa Fe Mayor Excessive Powers Because of the Potential for Abuse of Power

Steven Farber urges the Santa Fe Police Department to Regularly use Label Cams for Citizen Protection

Steven Farber Speaking Out on the Santa Fe Charter Review Commission for an Assault Weapon Ban and an Independent City Auditor for Santa Fe

Steven Farber Speaking up for the Rights of Medical Cannabis Patients:

Steven Farber Speaking Out against arbitrary police enforcement of Marijuana Decriminalization Ordinance

Steven Farber was the First Person in a Public Position to Urge as a Member of the Santa Fe Charter Review Commission that the Prosecution of Adult Personal Possession of Marijuana be the Lowest Law Enforcement Priority of the Santa Fe Police Department

Steven Farber’s Expressed Concerns About Inappropriate Height and Design of the new Santa Fe County Courthouse

Steven Farber’s Letter to Santa Fe County Commissioners Objecting to new Santa Fe County Courthouse Height and Design


Steven Farber was elected and served as a Santa Fe City Councilor for District II 

Steven Farber Challenges Incumbent City Council For District II City Council Position

Steven Farber Overwhelmingly Elected to Santa Fe City Council Defeating Incumbent City Councilor

Representative Examples of Positions Taken by Steven Farber on Matters of Public Interest:

Steven Farber and Historic Hillside Neighborhood Oppose Dense Northside Development

Steven Farber Speaking of the Need to support Efforts to Preserve the Essence of Santa Fe (New York Times)

Steven Farber’s Historic Review Board and Height Restriction Ordinance Amendment Upheld by New Mexico Court of Appeals:

Steven Farber Actively Worked to Protect Pristine and Sacred Lands and the Big Tesuque of Santa Fe National Forest from Ski Basin Expansion Plans

Steven Farber Expressed Concerns About Lack of Water Availability and Uncontrolled Development

Steven Farber Advocates a Go Slow and Careful Approach towards Development to Protect Residents

Steven Farber Supports Strong Campaign Finance Reporting Rules and Penalties for Violations

Steven Farber Speaking up to Protect the Health and Safety of Nearby Nambe Mill Residents

Steven Farber was Successful in Allocating City Funds to Pay for Santa Fe Public School Student Supplies

Steven Farber Obtained Funds for Supplemental School Programs and Supplies for Public School Students

Steven Farber Advocates for City of Santa Fe and Public Schools Cooperation for Joint Community Projects

Steven Farber Advocated for City of Santa Fe for Responsiveness to Take Over the Operation of Bus System from the Private Contractor

Steven Farber Questions Water Availability for a Proposed Golf Course near Santa Fe Downs

Steven Farber Supported a Living Wage for all the Industries in the City

Steven Farber Supported anti-graffiti program to redirect anti-social behaviors

Steven Farber Supported a Moratorium to Protect Baca Street and Cerrillos Road areas

Steven Farber Moved to Discuss the Issue of a Moratorium on Downtown Hotel Construction

Steven Farber Moved to Impose a Moratorium on Mountainside Building and Require City Support

Steven Farber Expresses Concerns About Environmental Contamination from Nambe Mills Emissions

Steven Farber and NORML Lawyers Group Successful in Supporting LGBT Rights to Advertise on Chile Line

Steven Farber Raised Issues About the Impact of Uncontrolled Development on Water Availability for City

Steven Farber was Successful at Protecting Against Proliferation of Large Parking Structures DowntownFar

Steven Farber Spearheads Efforts to Save Northside Neighborhood from Adverse Effects of Drainage from Development 

Steven Farber Respectfully Doing the People’s Business Even in the Face of Unfair Attack 

Steven Farber Served on the Team that Protected the Santa Fe Railyard and Negotiated the Purchase of the Crucial Railyard Property

Steven Farber Developed the Condition that the Trust for Public Land Hold an Easement to Protect at Least 10 Acres at the Railyard for a Park and Open Space

Steven Farber Participated in the City of Santa Fe Negotiating Team which Protected and Preserved the Railyard from Catellus Plans

Steven Farber Advocated for Years to Preserve the Railyard Property for the Future of Santa Fe

Steven Farber Successfully Introduced and Got the Santa Fe Historic Districts Building Height Ordinance Passed to Protect Santa Fe for the Future

Steven Farber Opposed Nepotism and Arbitrary Action by the Mayor and City Manager in the Appointment of a New Chief of Police

Steven Farber Decided to Not Run for Reelection to the City Council to Focus on Raising his Young Children and His Law Practice

Steven Farber Appointed to Santa Fe United Way Board of Directors

Steven Farber Appointed to Partners In Education Board of Directors

Steven Farber Opposed the Javier Gonzales and County Plans to Build a Jail to House Immigrants

Steven Farber Recognized as Hard Working and Dedicated City Councilor

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