Representative Cases:

Steven Farber Winning a United States Supreme Court Case

Wilson v. Garcia, U.S. Supreme Court; Steven G. Farber, Counsel of Record, 471 U.S. 261

Oral Argument of Steven G. Farber in the Supreme Court of the United States, Wilson v. Garcia, 471 U.S. 261


Summary of The Terry Seaton Case and his Exoneration Analyzed in a Column by David Roybal–Terry-W..htm

The Terry Seaton Case Still Remembered as an Example of an Injustice of the Criminal System

Steven Farber and Robert Rothstein Worked Diligently to Win Freedom for Terry Seaton and Obtain Compensation

The Difficult Tasks of Fighting for Terry Seaton’s Freedom at an Early Hearing

Geoff Davidian – Investigative Reporting of Terry Seaton Being Freed Directly from the Courtroom

Geoff Davidian  – Investigative Reporting on the Terry Seaton Habeas Corpus Hearing

Geoff Davidian – Investigative Reporting on the Uphill Battle Facing Terry Seaton
The Following are Examples of the Wide Range of Cases
in Which Steven Farber Has Provided Representation:

Steven Farber Obtains Substantial Monetary Compensation
for Victims and Their Families

There are a number of cases that Steven Farber has settled or resolved for substantial damages compensation for clients resulting from harms caused by medical professionals and health care practitioners for amounts that are not able to be published under the terms of confidential settlement agreements or agreements with clients.

Examples of settled medical negligence and malpractice case include:

Failure to diagnose a mass on a Chest X-ray leading to stage IV lung cancer and subsequent death;

Failure to diagnose a spinal tumor and improper treatment resulting in quadriplegia and subsequent death;

Surgical injury from a donor kidney transplant and then failure to provide adequate pain management and treatment;

Leg Amputation from Bed Sore as a Result of Hospital’s Lack of Care for Patient With Peripheral Artery Disease

Steven Farber is Prepared to Pursue a Case to Trial to Obtain Full and Fair Compensation for Injured and Aggrieved Victims and Families

Steven Farber has Settled and Resolved Personal Injury and/or Wrongful Death
claims for Substantial Compensation
for clients resulting from harms caused by negligent actors or major businesses:
Examples of Representative Cases Include:

Senior citizen, Ph.D., slipped and fell on black ice at a senior retirement facility and suffered very serious and substantial traumatic brain injuries leading to permanent and lasting disabilities and as a result Steven Farber pursued a vigorously contested legal action, hired the highest level of credible expert witnesses to support the claims, involved other counsel, and Steven Farber was able to obtain a settlement of this most serious claim shortly before trial that provided substantial compensation and will provide for care for his injured client for the remainder of his life but the damages amount of the settlement must be kept confidential as a condition of the settlement;

Wrongful Death Automobile accident involving a near head on collision on a two lane highway whose aftermath left a grieving husband and child and as a result Steven Farber pursued the tragic claim against the at fault driver and the driver’s  insurance company on behalf of the wrongful death estate of the victim and was able to secure an extremely large pre-filing wrongful death damages settlement that must be kept confidential as a condition of the settlement;

Substantial  damages settlement for motorcyclist victim of motor vehicle collision in Northern New Mexico who sustained severe leg and foot injuries as a result of the conduct of negligent driver of other vehicle after Steven Farber pursued available insurance proceeds from two different insurance companies;

Assisting a client with cooperating counsel who had a severe and complicated reaction to a recalled Stryker hip transplant engage in the huge MDL Stryker hip litigation and participate in the upcoming MDL billion dollar global settlement along with cooperating  counsel that Steven Farber vetted and worked with cooperatively;

Slip and Fall at National Fast Food Restaurant Chain by an elderly client leading to a broken shoulder and heart attack and the client receiving a substantial damages settlement pre-filing;

Wrongful Death Automobile accident case where elderly clients on I-25 were rear-ended on the Interstate by a speeding driver and the law enforcement office failed to file citation and as a result Steven Farber conducted his own investigation that led to a substantial damages settlement from the clients’ Uninsured Motorist Coverage and the at fault driver’s insurance coverage for both the wrongful death estate of the deceased and the surviving partner;

Motorcyclist Struck by Hit and Run Driver – Steven Farber was able to investigate the facts and identify the hit and run motorcycle driver and Steven Farber obtained a substantial damages settlement from insurance that Steven Farber determined could cover the hit and run driver and also recover from the client’s Uninsured Motorist Coverage;

Different Motorists struck by other Drivers in separate claims and who each suffered severe shoulder injuries that required painful Rotator Cuff Surgery and Steven Farber obtained substantial damages recoveries from each of the respective client’s underinsured motorist coverage and/or the other driver’s insurance company;

Motorist on Interstate was cut off by a Hit and Run Driver and forced into a guardrail on I-25 and who was airlifted to UNMH and suffered extensive scalp, head and bodily injuries was able to recover a substantial settlement from the client’s underinsured motorist coverage and to maximize the damages recovery for the client by carefully and forcefully arguing that the language of the reimbursement provision of the health insurance policy did not allow for any reimbursement of medical expenses advanced;

Motorist Struck by an elderly  Driver who was Impaired by a Hangover and sleep medication and who fled the immediate scene of the Collision and Steven Farber was successful for the client in obtaining a substantial damages settlement from the at fault Driver and the client’s underinsured motorist coverage

Criminal Defense Representation:

The very nature of a criminal accusation can be damaging in and of itself and obtaining a dismissal of an investigation and/or a favorable and/or quiet closure of a file is in the best interests of the client.  The following are examples of results in relatively recent cases where there is a public record of the action taken.

Many defenses have been provided for clients in a variety of different criminal cases defended by Steven Farber and they must remain unpublicized or confidential for the substantial benefit of Steven Farber’s clients.

Complex Federal Criminal Defense:

Complicated and effective defense in a federal court white collar bank fraud prosecution against a bank trust officer leading to minimal sentence of confinement and after a five day evidentiary hearing resulting in a substantial reduction of the claimed restitution owing as ultimately decided by the Court (2012-2013)

Representative Cases Defending the Wrongfully Accused in DWI cases:

Steven Farber Successfully Challenged the lack of reliability of the Breath Machine and Obtained a Not Guilty Verdict at a Jury Trial for a Driver who was Charged with DWI even though the Driver had a Breath Test Result that was Over the Presumptive Legal Limit;

Steven Farber Obtained a Consent Decree to Protect the Public From Arbitrary Police Conduct by Requiring Video Cameras in Santa Fe Police Vehicles.

Steven Farber has Obtained Numerous Monetary Settlements and Judgments from Government Officials for Civil Rights Violations in a Wide Variety of Civil Rights Matters

First Amendment Free Speech Cases

First Amendment Free Association Cases

Fourth Amendment Excessive Force and False Arrest Cases

Sex Discrimination and Sex Harassment cases

Race Discrimination cases

Retaliation cases

Examples of representative civil rights cases:

Steven Farber successfully sued the New Mexico State Police and later Obtained a Settlement for a Man Falsely Arrested Two Times Because of Police Failure to Arrest the Right Person with the Same Name

Steven Farber successfully sued and won a Federal Civil Rights lawsuit on behalf of a High Ranking
New Mexico Highlands University Whistle Blower

Steven Farber in a False Arrest Case Made the Rio Arriba County Sheriff Take the Fifth Amendment Against Self Incrimination 49 times in his Cross Examination of the Sheriff in a Civil Rights Trial for a Political Activist

Steven Farber Successfully Obtained a Substantial Jury Verdict for First Amendment Violations Against the University of New Mexico for a UNM Administrator serving as the Director of the Afro-American Studies Program; 

Steven Farber successfully sued and won a federal Disability Discrimination lawsuit against the State of New Mexico on behalf of a visually disabled state employee who was subjected to disability discrimination and retaliation;

Steven Farber successfully sued and obtained a very favorable settlement for a State of New Mexico employee who was retaliated against for testifying on behalf of a co-worker who was subjected to discrimination and retaliation;

Steven Farber Defended the Rights of a Public School Teacher to be Free from Retaliation;

Steven Farber successfully sued, with co-counsel, and won a lawsuit for a New Mexico State Police Officer who was discriminated against and retaliated against after he exposed a coverup in a vehicular death case;

Steven Farber represented a family to obtain a settlement asserting the Rights of a Young Detainee Who Died of an Overdose due to lack of Supervision and Appropriate Medical Care and Treatment;

Steven Farber successfully represented an African American prisoner at the Penitentiary of New Mexico who had his neck slit by other prisoners and settled the claim for a monetary damage award.

Steven Farber Fighting to Hold Public Officials Accountable:
Governor Susana Martinez Ordered to Turn over Public Records – 4/28/2014:

See, Richard E. May v. Governor Susana Martinez, D-101-CV-2013-02590 – Santa Fe County, New Mexico
Steven G. Farber, Attorney for Plaintiff Richard E. May, former CEO of New Mexico Finance Authority

Examples of Employment Cases:

Steven Farber Advocating on Behalf of the Santa Fe Airport Director who was Mistreated by the City (2014)

Steven Farber successfully represented a Santa Fe County employee defend against a wrongful termination in an arbitration proceeding and the employee regained employment and full back pay and benefits (2013)

Numerous State and Governmental Employees represented challenging their terminations and suspensions
Steven Farber Defended Against False Arrest and Excessive Force by Police Officers

The Christmas Eve Canyon Road Farolito Walk False Arrest Case

Charges Dismissed by Prosecutor in Canyon Road False Arrest Case

Steven Farber Advocating for the Civil Rights of Community Members:

Steven Farber Speaks out to urge that Santa Fe Police Officers Use Label Cams for Citizen Protection

Steven Farber Speaking out against arbitrary police enforcement of new Santa Fe Marijuana Decriminalization ordinance

Steven Farber Speaking up for the Rights of Medical Cannabis Patients:

Steven Farberas a Member of the Santa Fe Home Rule Charter Review Commission was the first
Santa Fe Public Appointee to urge  that the prosecution of adult personal possession of marijuana
should be Santa Fe’s lowest law enforcement priority

Steven Farber Speaking up for the Right of Juveniles to Medical Care and Treatment before being taken to Detention

Steven Farber representing the Rights of a Young Detainee Who Died of Overdose due to lack of Supervision and
Appropriate Medical Care and Treatment

Steven Farber has Long Opposed Private Companies Running Local Jails for Profit

Steven Farber Opposed Santa Fe County Commissioner’s  Punitive Plan Against Parents of Detained Children

Steven Farber Defending the Interests of Clients Against the Power of Authority:  CYFD Worker Unfairly Penalized

Steven Farber Defending a Woman’s Right to a Fair Civil Rights Trial:

Steven Farber Defending the Right of Internationally known Rupert Sheldrake Against Assailant After Knife Attack

Steven Farber Defended Against False Allegations Made Against a Public Official

Steven Farber Moved to Impound Ballots in Contested Election Due to Voting Irregularity Concerns

Steven Farber has a Long History of Exercising and Protecting First Amendment Rights:

Steven Farber, et al.  v. Frank Rizzo, et al., 363 F. Supp. 386 (ED PA, 1973)

The Unusual Nature of Criminal Defense and Police Practices:

Steven Farber Obtained a Not Guilty Verdict for an Inmate in a Prison Escape Case Who was Found in a Garbage Truck Miles from the State Pen

Steven Farber Protests Inhumane Conditions at State Prison After Riot and Supports Prison Guard Speaking out About Deplorable Conditions that Existed at Prison Before Deadly Prison Riot

Steven Farber Spoke out to Protect Inmates After the Murderous Santa Fe Prison Riot

Steven Farber Speaking out for Helpless Prisoners after the Murderous Santa Fe Prison Riot:

Steven Farber Speaks Up for Those Imprisoned after the Riot Who Have Few To Speak on their Behalf

Steven Farber Represented  a Prison Guard Arrested and Falsely Accused of Bringing a Gun Into the Prison which Resulted in a Prison Escape Plot

Steven Farber Obtained a Public Apology and Exoneration for the Prison Guard Falsely Accused of Bringing a Gun Into Prison which Resulted in an Escape Plot

Steven Farber Obtained a Not Guilty Verdict at a Jury Trial for a father who was visiting his Son at the Santa Fe County Jail and was Alleged to be Smuggling Drugs into the Jail even though Jail Officials Presented the Alleged Contraband at the Trial

Steven Farber Investigating Suspicious Conduct of Santa Fe Police Department Officials

Steven Farber Prosecuted Corrupt Public Officials as an Assistant Attorney General

Steven Farber Convicts Major Political Insider in Public Corruption Prosecution

Steven Farber Obtains Guilty Plea for Fraud from Rio Arriba County Commission Chairman

Steven Farber Successfully Prosecuted Public Corruption Cases and Criticized State Legislators for Stopping the Funding of Attorney General Special Prosecutions Unit

Steven Farber Remembering Fondly Colleague Carlos Vigil

Sylvia Farber Recognized on her 90th Birthday

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